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Welcome to the London Ice Dawgs Youth Hockey Club!

Rowan's Law

Rowan Stringer was just 17 when she died in the spring of 2013, on Mother’s Day, after suffering what proved to be a fatal concussion during a high school rugby game in Ottawa. It was her second concussion within a week.

Click here to read about Rowan's Law and complete the MANDITORY on line quiz.


These rules are in place for safety reasons.
We appreciate your full co-operation

  • No flip-flops or open shoes at the arena! This includes all Ice Dawg coaches, volunteers, players, parents, siblings or fans! You will not be permitted in the dressing room area or the rink!
  • No cell phones or cameras in the dressing room!
  • No strollers downstairs in the dressing room area! If you need assistance please see the attendance table.
  • Only 1 parent or guardian per player is allowed in the dressing room or the downstairs dressing room area. No siblings, or fans allowed!
  • DO NOT open the rink gate for any reason! Ask a coach or volunteer for assistance!
  • Parents, siblings, fans are NEVER allowed to enter the ice surface, players bench, penalty box or timekeeper's box
  • Always be a minimum of 30 minutes early for your practice or game
  • Check in at the attendance table EVERY time you arrive at the arena
  • Hockey sticks are to be left at the dressing room door when you enter the dressing room
  • Please ensure that lollipop sticks/wrappers, hockey tape and other waste is placed in the garbage.
  • We have our own Ice Dawgs lost and found at the attendance table. If you find something left in the dressing room or restaurant please bring it to the attendance table! Please DO NOT give anything to the rink staff!
  • Have Fun!